Mrs. Usha. G. Karnik

The right specialist matters!

Mrs .Usha. G.  Karnik, wife of a retired All India Service Officer & predominantly a house wife was suffering from varicose veins since 8-10 yrs. Having had treatment at various clinics she found no relief.

The ulcer was treated by physicians & plastic surgeons but with no results. Ultimately we found Dr. Sumit Kapadia who treated her with laser & regular dressings & soon Usha got phenomenal recovery.  She is perfectly okay now. We understand that going to the right specialist for your problems was instrumental in obtaining good results.

Mrs. Usha. G. Karnik
C/o G. R. Karnik
Formerly head & chief conservation of forest
Andra & Gujarat state, 31, Sandhya nagar society
Vishwamitri, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
Contact no.: 0265-2660658, 9979767212, 9726569932

Vipul Patel

Blockages in blood vessels other than the heart?

We were referred to Dr. Sumit Kapadia by our family surgeon. My father, Mr. Dipak Patel had undergone heart bypass one year ago and was now suffering pain in leg while walking for 100 to 200 meters. It was then that we learnt that there are other blood vessels in body that can get blocked in a similar way as the heart arteries.

We found Dr. Kapadia clear in his diagnosis. After clinical examination, he verified with investigations which confirmed block in his iliac artery of leg. Dr Sumit explained both surgery and angioplasty stenting options. Having undergone one major operation, we collectively decided on the non-operative treatment. His iliac angioplasty went successful & my father started walking the very next day.

We recommend Dr. Kapadia for all Vascular & Endovascular interventions.

Vipul Patel, Baroda.
Contact no. 9724156723
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Chandrakant Patel

To the doctor who saved my leg!

I am a resident of London, staying there for more than 20 years. Having been an avid smoker for more than 40 years without realizing its consequences, this following incident has now changed my life! I had developed pain in my legs on walking for short distances. My family doctor felt that the blood circulation in my legs was slow and he referred me to a vascular surgeon in London. After an extensive checking, they performed angioplasty for the leg blockage following which I was better for two months but then the problem re-appeared with much greater discomfort. I was unable to walk a few steps and also developed severe pain in the foot which often woke me up from sleep. A review from the doctors confirmed that the block was now much more extensive and that surgery would be required but the probability of amputation was very high. I was placed on their surgical waiting list but as days passed, my condition became worse.

It was then that I decided to go to Baroda to Dr Sumit Kapadia who had been recommended by a relative of mine in Anand, Gujarat. Dr Sumit was kind enough to accommodate me in his clinic the same day I landed in India! After a detailed examination and angiography, Dr Sumit explained us the disease problem and that the only solution was a difficult leg bypass. He undertook this hard task and the operation lasted 5 hours.  I felt much better after the operation and was out of the hospital in 7 days and back to London in 3 weeks.  It was his motivation that encouraged me to stop smoking thereafter.

It is now two years since my surgery and I have been walking for 3 to 4 km every day. I am indebted to Dr Sumit to keep me walking on my own leg.

Chandrakant Patel
131, Albany Road, RM 12, Honchor
Ramford 4 AQ. London, UK
Contact no.: 1708 508 076

Mr Nimish Narshana

A physics teacher learnt all about varicose veins

Mr Nimish Narshana, a renowned physics teacher in Baroda was taking his usual evening class when some students pointed out blood spurting from his ankle. An immediate bandaging by his family doctor and he was asked to consult vascular specialist Dr Sumit Kapadia.

Dr Sumit saw me and performed a doppler test and said that I had varicose vein in leg which had spontaneously ruptured and bled. An injection sclerotherapy procedure was then performed following which I recovered well. He guided me about the problem and I came to know that the skin eczema that I was suffering from past three years was actually the first sign of varicose vein problem, an unfortunate problem due to my prolonged standing profession of teaching of many years.

I am still on a regular follow up with Dr Kapadia and am regular in wearing stockings. I hope that we as the educated people of the society should educate ourselves as well as others in diseases and problems and seek advice from the concerned specialist at the right time.

Mr Nimish Narshana

Abheysinh Baria

There are specialists for the leg arteries also!

I come from a small town near Dahod and am a primary school teacher.  I had been suffering from leg pain from 4 months or so and the doctors in my town assumed it to be muscle pain and no specific treatment was given. However, when my toes started turning black, a surgeon told me that this is the signal that my leg would need to be amputed. It seemed surprising to me that although only one toe was black, they told me to wait till the gangrene increased and then cut my leg till the knee. So I consulted a heart surgeon in another city who after some tests said that the blockage was so extensive that nothing could be done for saving my leg. It was after three more months of suffering that I was given Dr Sumit Kapadia’s name by another person who was suffering from a similar problem like mine and he too had been treated by Dr Sumit.

Dr Sumit performed a doppler himself and assured me that a long leg bypass was the answer to my problems although the task was difficult considering that I had wasted so many months. He went ahead with the operation and I recovered well thereafter.  I still manage to have a smiling face three years later thanks to Dr Sumit.

Abheysinh Baria

Saroj Shah

A caring gentleman and a confident young doctor

Many visits to multiple skin doctors could not pick up my problem of dark spots and swelling in the lower leg. However, Dr Marfatia, head of department of skin diseases, SSG Hospital diagnosed it perfectly and asked me to see a vascular surgeon Dr Sumit Kapadia.

After a sonography test, he said it was varicose vein problem and would be corrected very well after a laser operation. Throughout my consultations, I found Dr Sumit to be a caring and understanding doctor who was confident of his diagnosis, judgment and results.

After a laser surgery, I was walking the same evening and within a month the dark spots and swelling reduced dramatically.

Saroj Shah

Vascular specialists provide care to patients with diseases or disorders of their blood vessels except the heart or brain. There are very few surgeons in India, trained in this specialty. -Dr. Sumit Kapadia

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